Wellington College International (WCI) has 8 schools overseas, in India, China and Thailand, currently educating over 5500 students. Each school is, or is on the path to becoming, one of the best International schools in their region. Wellington College International aims to support, connect and grow premium quality international schools to enhance educational opportunities for young people around the world. This aim supports the purpose of Wellington College to pioneer education to serve and help shape a better world.


WCI schools are genuinely outstanding and distinctively Wellington. Our international schools share the values, ethos and unerring ambition of Wellington College, and are authentically Wellington. They are not clones of Wellington however, but from a shared vision they deliver exceptional quality education that is brought vividly to life through a dialogue between pedagogies and cultures, and uniquely tailored to their communities. It is this shared vision that now delivers so much enrichment to the intellectual and cultural development of our students and their communities across the whole Group.