International education ethos

Pioneering education to help serve and shape a better world.

In 2009, Wellington College reaffirmed it is ‘deeply committed to dialogue between different cultures and nations, and is strongly attracted by the idea of founding world-class schools of outstanding educational quality for future leaders, where members of all nations can grow up side-by-side.’ 

Wellington College is a forward thinking and outward looking school. The College first sought overseas collaboration to enhance of opportunities for students and staff for meaningful cultural exchange and understanding, in order to become better global citizens and leaders in a future, internationally-minded world.  This drive remains today, where our students in China, Thailand and the UK are beginning to be able to share ideas and work together on projects, participate in exchanges and summer schools, and ultimately join a life-long alumni network with all the opportunities that opens up for them. Teachers also share expertise and best practice, participate in exchanges and shared CPD opportunities, and of course take advantage of the career opportunities that an expanding group of schools can provide.

Bringing the key cultures of the world together, especially at student level, has never been more important. Cultural fluency and mutual respect is a critical skill for a peaceful and prosperous future world that has faced so many challenges in this regard in recent years with no signs of abating.

In a world which has never been more diverse or well-connected, but where public discourse has become so polarised and entrenched, both in the flesh and on-line, it is proving to be both instructive and inspirational to explore these themes [race, identity & belonging] at such an important time in our history.

James Dahl, 15th Master Wellington College, January 2020

The international ethos is directly linked to the College’s core values, its forward thinking curriculum planning (such as being one of the first UK schools to offer Mandarin), as well as its longstanding programme of Global Social Leadership.  It also supports our drive for education leadership, providing opportunities for greater global education impact with access to a Wellington education at our other schools and through their own outreach programmes and support for local education development. The revenue brought back to Wellington from our overseas schools has also enabled expansion of our own bursary programme, increasing access in the UK also.

Furthermore, in September 2021 it is with great pleasure and pride that WCI signed an agreement with the Unison Group to establish premium Wellington College schools in India. The schools will share the values, ethos, enduring quality and ambition of Wellington College, while combining the very best of British and Indian education. Unison will establish the first school in Pune (also known as the ‘Oxford of the East’*), Maharashtra.

James Dahl, Master, The Wellington College:
“We are utterly thrilled that the next chapter in Wellington College’s remarkable history sees us partnering with Unison in India. From our very first meetings, it was clear that the values and educational philosophy of both organisations were aligned and it has been a joy to work together. Pune is such a dynamic and forward-thinking city and we can think of no better location for us to continue our mission of pioneering education by sharing the very best of Wellington College here in the UK with passionate and progressive partners around the world”.