Master’s welcome

Wellington College’s desire to extend outwards internationally dates back to the 13th Master, Dr Anthony, now Sir Anthony Seldon who played such a key role in this aspect of the College’s vision. There were two main drivers to the decision back then which still inspire us to this day.

The first was to take Wellington’s unique, values-based, holistic, and premium educational model to the international market to nurture Wellingtonians from diverse cultural backgrounds but who have been educated with the College’s values and identity at heart.

Secondly, we were fundamentally inspired by the creative possibilities which we knew would flow from the meeting of Eastern and Western pedagogies. We are deeply aware of the significant strengths of other educational systems and traditions and, as befits a school which wants to fuse the best of tradition and heritage with modernity and an eye to the future, we knew that we had as much to learn from the experience as any potential partners in the East. From the very beginning, this was designed to be a partnership where we all benefitted from true collaboration and a shared vision.

A Wellington College education is based upon a commitment to developing each and every child, in every facet of themselves as a human being. Of course, we want them to achieve excellent exam results and to develop intellectual curiosity in the world around them, but we also want them to develop their individual passions and interests to the full, which will last for the rest of their lives.

We also want them to learn how to nurture their own wellbeing and give them the tools to cope independently with everything that life will throw at them. We want them to learn that the most rewarding lives are not those focussed around selfish personal gain, but around a desire to serve and lead, with a deeply held sense of inclusivity and a moral desire to make the world a better place. We want Wellingtonians to live their lives by a clearly defined set of moral values, so that they can leave school as decent human beings, as well as with a fantastic set of exam results in their back pocket.

It makes me so proud to see this unique DNA of a Wellington education being recreated so passionately and so successfully around the world with our partner schools. It is absolutely the case today that – thanks to our talented partners and their dedicated staff, as well as the quality of our relationship – everything which makes a Wellington College education so special, unique and inspiring in the UK, is exactly what makes a Wellington College education so special, unique and inspiring on the other side of the globe.

However, it makes me equally proud that none of our international schools is a clone of Wellington College, but from that shared ethos and vision they deliver exceptional quality education uniquely tailored to their communities. It is through this that we have also brought vividly to life our second aim –  a dialogue between Eastern and Western pedagogies – which now delivers so much enrichment to the intellectual and cultural development of our students and their communities across the whole Group.

We are utterly thrilled that the next chapter in Wellington College’s remarkable history sees us partnering with Unison in India. From our very first meetings, it was clear that the values and educational philosophy of both organisations were aligned and it has been a joy to work together. Pune is such a dynamic and forward-thinking city and we can think of no better location for us to continue our mission of pioneering education by sharing the very best of Wellington College here in the UK with passionate and progressive partners around the world

James Dahl, 15th Master Wellington College