Wellington College Values & Identity

The Wellington Values

We aim for our students to become happy, kind and responsible global citizens.

The five core values of being a Wellingtonian are Courage, Respect, Integrity, Kindness, Responsibility. 

Our values and ethos are alive and at at the heart of everything we do, in all of our schools. They are present in the way we think and behave, in what we expect of ourselves and also of each other, including in the recruitment process. These qualities are a critical part of what brings us together as a unified global organisation.

The Wellington Identity

The Wellington Identity is what we aim for all our students to possess as they graduate from our schools.

The Wellington Identity is built on intellectual curiosity, on true independence, on a generous and far-reaching inclusivity and on the courage to be properly and unselfishly individual. It is, in short, the capacity to be inspired to become the very best you can be. And it is these qualities that are present in the thousands of small interactions that happen all the time here, the little daily miracles that make this such a special place.

The schools we build are the schools we build together, and every pupil who passes through Wellington leaves an indelible mark on our community. It is our absolute responsibility to help all our pupils become the very best that they can be, and to develop the identity that marks them out as a true Wellingtonian.

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