About WCI

Pioneering education to help serve and shape a better world.

Our family of world-class schools share the values and ethos, and the commitment to academic and all-around excellence and education innovation, that has always been at the heart of our home school, Wellington College.

WCI commit to working in close collaboration with every school and we only work with business partners who share our values, passion and drive. Our experience and our model, give us flexibility to meet different partnership requirements in order to deliver the right schools for our network. 

WCI’s support model is tailored to the needs of each school, but ranges across all areas of academic and non-academic operation, Governance, quality assurance, and close connection with Wellington College and between all schools in the network. 


Wellington College International Limited was established by Wellington College in 2009. We open and support premium-quality international schools under the Wellington College name with selected International partners, with the purpose of building a dialogue between different global cultures and nations, broadening access to a Wellington College education, and maximising our global education impact.

Wellington College International Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wellington College, and the global master franchisee for the Wellington College name and IP.  WCI has its own Board of Governors, who are members of, and report to the Board of Governors of Wellington College.  WCI also has its headquarters at Wellington College, Berkshire in the UK.