Our Vision

The motto of Wellington College, ‘fortune favours the brave,’ is rooted in our ambitions for the school at its foundation in 1859 as a living memorial to the great Duke of Wellington. It survives today as a principal characteristic of our College in the UK, and as the guiding force behind our pioneering, market leading, and growing family of premium International schools.

Wellington College resolved in 2009 to work with partners to found schools of outstanding educational quality in key global locations, where students from different nations can grow up side-by-side. This dialogue between cultures and nations is the principal purpose and vision behind our international operations, and is more important now than ever in a world where the individual is increasingly championed over collaboration and understanding.

With this sits a determination both at home and overseas, to maximise global education impact, by leading the way in educating today’s children to meet tomorrow’s challenges.  We do this in three principal ways:

  1. Our growing network of world-class schools provides ever increasing possibilities for all Wellingtonians to gain experiences and connections that help them develop a truly international outlook
  2. WCI donates all profits from our schools to Wellington College to fund bursaries to broaden access to our UK school
  3. We aim to use our extensive resources and network of world-class schools to foster wide-reaching positive education impact for all children in the regions that we operate, and more broadly, through research and development, events and community engagement.

Each school we found, takes from the confidence of our shared heritage, to drive with pioneering and determined spirit firmly into the future. Consciously unique to their locations and the communities they serve, they are all alive with the Wellington Identity, values and ethos, and the purpose of our international vision.