Why are more K-12 international schools amplifying student voice?

Matthew Savage

Educational Consultant

International schools are recognised for the globally minded thinking they develop within students, but are they valuing the student voice to inform change within their community? ISC’s latest research suggests that, although listening to, and valuing student voice is improving within some international schools, most schools are in the early stages of a journey towards change.

54% of students in the research said they believe they have seen an improvement in the elevation of student voice in their school during the past two years. However, some students spoke out throughout the survey about what they see as limited, patronising or tokenistic changes.

The report includes insights on the research results from experts, Matthew Savage Independent Consultant and a former International School Principal and Joel Jr Llaban, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice at the International Schools Services (ISS) and shares case studies of international schools implementing initiatives to value student voice in ways that are developing learner agency.

This is an Independent ISC Research Report  View report here

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