About Wellington College International

Pioneering education to help serve and shape a better world.


Wellington College International shares, and is a part of, the purpose of Wellington College to pioneer in education to serve and help shape a better world. For WCI this means maximising educational opportunities for young people around the world, and building greater cultural dialogue, respect and understanding, both within our schools and far beyond.


Partnerships in Excellence

Wellington College International is fundamentally committed to working with partners who share our vision and ethos, to found distinctive and authentic Wellington College schools of outstanding educational quality in key global locations. Our partners in China, Thailand, India and Singapore, and our partners of the future, are all dedicated to the cause of education and building together an incredible network of schools that share best practice, collaborate together providing global education and cultural opportunities, and deliver together on the Wellington purpose set out originally by Royal Charter in 1853.

Educational Development and Opportunities

WCI has a vision to maximise educational opportunities for young people around the world through our schools’ network, our broader education leadership and social impact initiatives. Our education approach is continuously developing to ensure we prepare young people for the world of the future. WCI is a key contributor to The Bridge, the centre for educational research, development and professional learning at Wellington College. All our international schools will contribute to, collaborate with, and benefit from the educational development and learning from The Bridge and this supports us in delivering on our vision.

The Festival of Education was started by Wellington College in 2010. In a sense the flagship event of The Bridge, EdFest seeks to celebrate the cause of education, and lead in education debate and impact by providing a platform for all teachers to engage in contemporary education thinking, bringing forward the strongest ideas and professional development to continuously evolve and improve teaching for tomorrow’s learners.

EdFest is now also in China and opens in November 2023 in Thailand, where it will host a bilingual festival to bring together both international and local teaching professionals. WCI will continue to support its expansion to become the leading global Education Festival serving both local and global education advancement.

Broad Social Impact

WCI and Wellington College are dedicated to delivering a wide education impact well beyond the boundaries of all our schools. This is delivered in many ways beyond the bursaries and scholarships that have underpinned our school since its inception. Among other things, Wellington College and WCI fund the Prince Albert Foundation, contribute to the Wheeler Foundation, and fund Wellington’s partnership with schools in the UK, to support excellence in teaching and learning. Internationally, all our schools work with local communities and join regional education networks to support teaching quality and education debate and advancement across their regions. EdFest is critical to this, celebrating education across the world.

Cultural Connection

WCI is dedicated to the cause of building greater dialogue, respect and understanding between the great cultures of the world, both within our schools and beyond. We seek to develop a network of outstanding Wellington College International schools that connect the great cultures of the world together, with a focus on developing a global outlook and cultural understanding in all Wellingtonians and influence this in a wider context. Our schools organise student and teacher exchange programmes, teacher secondments, summer schools, collaborative projects and competitions, and knowledge and expertise sharing opportunities, that support this important vision.