Huili Hangzhou Achieves Historic COBIS Accreditation

We are very proud to announce that Huili Hangzhou has become the first private bilingual school in China to achieve Cobis Accreditation, and this only at the beginning of the second year of operation.

Piers Matthews: The COBIS accreditation team team came three weeks into our second academic year at Hangzhou Huili – in September 2019. This was three weeks into almost doubling our enrolment and staffing numbers, and with an accreditation model not designed for a bilingual school. In fact we were the first bilingual school for COBIS to accreditate and as such the process was rather more complicated than normally would be. However, we have been informed that the COBIS Board have confirmed our Patron status with 11 of the 40 criteria being recommended as showing best practice.

The visiting team feel that HSH is the strongest large school opening they have witnessed. This is credit to the Executive Master, the senior leadership team and the excellent body of staff that have collectively created an excellent culture

Gary Minnitt, Director of Accreditation, COBIS

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