Outstanding Early University Offers for Wellington College China

Wellington College China schools have been celebrating an outstanding set of early university offers.

The 2021 Leavers from both our Tianjin and Shanghai schools have already received offers from a range of outstanding universities from around the world, including many of the most highly-selective universities and programmes. The overall record of our cohort of 75 pupils is truly remarkable. In total, this year’s applicants have already received 15 offers from those universities ranked within the top-10 globally (QS World Rankings 2021).

Wellington pupils continue to achieve success in every possible field — from the traditional academic programmes on offer at Oxbridge and Ivy League universities to the more selective programmes offered by specialist institutions devoted to the performing arts, visual arts and hospitality.

The fact that our schools have been so successful in this most unusual and disrupted year is a testament not only to the ability of our pupils but also the dedication and commitment of our Wellington College staff. As well as having outstanding teachers, each school has a dedicated university guidance team which provides the vital service of helping each pupil research and prepare their applications over several years. Whether this has been in school or online, each pupil has had access to the type of expertise, advice, guidance and support that make all the difference when applying to elite universities.

University decisions will continue to take place throughout the year, but included below is a snapshot of some of the universities from which pupils have received offers so far.

Look out for more details about each school’s university offers in the coming weeks.

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