WCI are working to build a family of premium schools, based on a shared ethos and values, committed to all-round excellence, and driving education leadership and innovation. WCI commit to working in close collaboration with every school and we only work with business partners who share our values, passion and drive. Our experience and our model, give us flexibility to meet different partnership requirements in order to deliver the right schools for our network.

WCI currently has 7 International co-educational 3-18 schools. Our partnership approach is very much in evidence in our schools, who at the same time as being unique schools tailored to their local community setting, are palpably Wellington in their ethos and educational aspirations and commitment. Each either are – or are on their way to becoming – the best International schools in their regions.

WCI’s support model is tailored to the needs of each school, but ranges across all areas of academic and non-academic operation, Governance, quality assurance, and close connection with Wellington College and between all schools in the network. 


We currently have 4 International schools, in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou in China and Bangkok, Thailand. We also have 3 bilingual Chinese schools in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nantong. Please see links in the panel to the right, for more information on each of these unique schools.

We seek only premium sites in key global locations where we can found a market-leading school with a truly international outlook. Each school will join the network to not only gain critical support but also further enhance the experiences and opportunities for all Wellingtonians.