Partnership Opportunities

Pioneering education to serve and help shape a better world

Wellington College International continues to expand and explore the potential to broaden our education impact and bring the opportunities of a Wellington education and the strengths of a network of world-class schools, to more students around the world. The key to success in this is not only to find the right location, though this is critical, but to find the right partner.

Wellington College International is looking for partners who share our values and ethos, and who share our vision for a holistic education and excellence in all areas where great examination results are just the start. Our schools are founded for the long term, to lead in their regions, to drive innovation and education debate and create new futures for their communities. Each school builds its own unique character and history, just as Wellington College has been doing for 160 years.

To do this, we work very closely with our business partners, supporting them in every aspect, for example

  • school design
  • recruitment and team building
  • marketing and admissions processes
  • school development planning
  • curriculum planning
  • developing a thriving Wellington community
  • university admissions
  • Governance

Our team are in constant contact, visit our schools very regularly, we are also on the Governing Board of each of the International schools, and we work with the schools on a rigorous quality assurance programme.

In addition we are focused on forging strong connections between each school, and Wellington College in the UK, among both staff and students, and also with each other school in the network. We are building a strong, global community that will deliver multiple benefits for every person in it throughout their lives.

We seek only premium sites in key global locations where we can found a market-leading school with a truly international outlook. Each school will join the network to not only gain critical support but also further enhance the experiences and opportunities for all Wellingtonians.

Establishing a world-class family of schools

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