Students across the Wellington Family celebrate success

It is with immense pride that we congratulate all of our students and our schools on their truly outstanding achievements at GCSE, A’ Level and IB this year.

Tianjin students celebrate their best ever results in both GCSE and A’Level, with 71% of A’level students achieving A/A* (almost double the UK national average). Shanghai IB students achieved an astounding 38.5 average with one third of the cohort achieving over 40 (39 is the standard requirement for Oxford), and Wellington UK averaged 40.0, with five students getting a perfect score of 45.

Matthew Oakman, Deputy Head Academic at Wellington College, expressed a sentiment shared right across the group, “We are very proud of them all, not least for the manner by which they dealt with the sudden shock of not sitting their exams as normal. We wish them all the best in the future”.

In a year that challenged us all, and led to uncertainty and huge disruption to public examinations right across the globe, our students have been able to demonstrate not just their abilities but also their extraordinary dedication to their study. Our thanks go not just to them, but to the commitment of all staff who have gone above and beyond to ensure that Wellington students have been engaged, encouraged and supported in every possible way through this time, to help them to achieve to this level.

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