The Bridge – Newsletter Vol 1

Welcome to the very first newsletter for The Bridge to keep you up to date with everything as it is developing in Wellington College’s new centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Research.

The Bridge is a new centre for Teaching, Learning and Research based at Wellington College, and serving schools around the world. It is built on the pioneering work of the world-renowned Festival of Education, bringing the best, most inspiring, evidence-based and practical professional development and thought leadership to teachers and leaders in the UK, internationally, and of course at Wellington itself. The Bridge brings a fresh voice to the forefront of the educational conversation.

The Bridge is building a strong network across the education community globally, as well as Wellington College’s own family of schools, to draw on ideas and best practice from right across the world. Through the creation and delivery of outstanding professional development; through further educational research and network building, the Bridge will work hard to become an invaluable resource, balancing the best of what is already known, with new and innovative thinking where appropriate.

Iain Henderson, Director of The Bridge


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