The Wellington College: Prince Albert Foundation

The Prince Albert Foundation was set up in 2012, with a clear objective of widening access to Wellington College, by offering fully funded places to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Since 2012 there have been 19 young people through the programme, of whom 18 have gone on to top Russell Group UK universities: there are currently 4 Prince Albert Foundation students at Oxford and Cambridge.
Prince Albert scholars are supported to the age of 25 (at least) – which demonstrates a real commitment to these young people, nurturing them to overcome hurdles, so as to achieve stability in their own professional and personal lives. The Wellington College community is a significant asset which is made accessible to the PAF scholars. Many parent donors have given their time to work with and career “mentor” PAF students. One recent PAF graduate benefited greatly from tapping into the OW professional network, gaining some valuable work experience, alongside a top London barrister, before going on to study Theology at Oxford University. Please see to view previous PAF scholars, talking candidly and enthusiastically about their time at Wellington College.
Will: “It was the ambition of the students that hit me when I arrived.”

Sarah: “Will has made accelerated progress since his arrival at Wellington College, and is on track for A*, A*, A at A level; he has also secured a Senior Academy contract with Harlequin FC.”

PAF scholar Will Hobson, with Sarah Miller
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