The Wellington Community

The Wellington Community exists to inspire and support the students as well as being a wonderful social and professional network for all its members. The Wellington Community is a network of over 28,000 members worldwide, connecting for career opportunities, charity work and fundraising, and social and community support.

Old Wellingtonians (OWs) from all our schools share the Wellington values, identity and the global outlook that are so tangible, making the network every more exciting and fundamental for all who join it.

Our International schools and the connections that are made within, between, and beyond them, are a gift to all Wellingtonians.

Wellington Connect

Wellington Connect is a online resource connecting the whole Wellington Community – students, parents and staff – for business, community, educational and purely social purpose.  It currently exists in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and will soon be translated also in to Thai.

Wellington Connect Global currently has over 4,000 members. There is a jobs and work placements page to help OWs start out in their careers, and over 90% of parents and OWs have offered some form of mentoring support through it.

There is also incredible access to careers advice and guidance, with more than 20 different special careers groups also hosted on the site. Alongside the UK community, there are global groups around the world, for example in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Italy, Canada and the US, offering opportunities both for OWs in those countries and international members  visiting, looking to relocate or experience working life in other countries.

Recent feedback from students:

“I have had invaluable work experience with 3 different companies in the legal and political areas of work, fields which I hope to study and potentially work in. All these experiences have been bought to me through the networking events, as well as the numerous careers fairs that Welly Connect have provided. This is an incredible platform for students to broaden their horizons and have a taste of various careers through networking with professionals. Moreover it is extremely important for university applications, personal statements, and CVs.”

Lower Sixth Student, Wellington College (UK)


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