Old Wellingtonian Profiles

Tim Warrillow

My first real entrepreneurial experience came at University where a friend and I started a small waitering agency business...

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Julian Bourne and Matt Pritchard

In the early days, the only difference between being an entrepreneur and unemployed is your mindset and imagination.

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Jag Bhara

I like to say ‘Entrepreneur’ is french for unemployed. I'm hilarious like that. However, being an entrepreneur is a multidimensional privilege.

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Adrian Lukis

Being an interesting performer is a much more complicated business! It is about more than being truthful, requiring an intensity and a deep understanding of the character.

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George Humphreys

I’ve got some CV highlights (singing at Covent Garden or The Proms) but the most enjoyable thing is always when you get to perform with friends, or when you get to play a particularly fun character, especially the baddies.

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Josh Bowman

Believe me when I say that the number one asset to have as an actor or artist of any kind is perseverance.

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Marcus Lyon

When I was 14, maybe a bit younger, my mother gave me my first camera. It was like finding a voice that I never had; an ability to communicate and talk with a power that I didn’t know before.

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David J Hamblin Brown

I have just returned from a two-year stint in Beijing as the chief physician at a group of Chinese hospitals.

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David Shipway

I’m a Consultant Physician working in Bristol. I have a slightly unusual subspecialty, and I work as a medical doctor within surgical teams to help look after complicated surgical patients...

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Christopher Woelk

I am currently Head of Systems Biology at an Exploratory Science Center belonging to MSD (Merck Sharp and Dohme), a large pharmaceutical company.

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Will Maunder Taylor

I specialise in helping business decision makers (CEOs through to heads of business departments) identify challenges they face that could be solved by applying AI...

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Tom MacKinnon

Since leaving Wellington (Ly 2012), I studied medicine at Imperial College and am currently a junior doctor working in a London hospital.

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Sharon Yip

I’m currently working in the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Free Hospital.

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Sasha Feachem

I’m also the producer and co-creator of BBC Radio 4’s multi-awarding winning science/comedy show and podcast “The Infinite Monkey Cage”, presented by Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince

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Sabi Hippolyte

I am a respiratory consultant working in Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust with a subspecialty interest in respiratory failure and ventilation

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Rachel Parish

I’m an emergency medicine and paediatric emergency medicine consultant at Frimley Park Hospital

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Charles Durrant

I am a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon living and working in Portsmouth on the South Coast.

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Tom Wharton

I am incredibly lucky to make clothing for a number of sporting legends, including Will Carling, Phil Tufnell, Shane Warne...

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Robert Rowland

Don’t take things too seriously and if you have an idea of what you want to do (as I did) don’t put it off, just start it. Probability shows it’ll likely fail but what you’ll learn by failing, or succeeding, will be invaluable.

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Rick Findler

Rick Findler is an award-winning photojournalist who has covered some of the most dangerous news stories of the last ten years.

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