Huili School Nantong

Wellington College holds a deep tradition for boarding and in 2022, Huili School Nantong, Wellington College China’s flagship boarding school, opened. Indeed, it is viewed as an extension of their educational model and central to becoming a Wellingtonian. In China, there is also a long tradition of boarding provision, which extends back to the time of Confucius. At Huili School Nantong we will seek to bring together the very best boarding practices to create an environment in which our pupils thrive.

The Huili Schools offer a curriculum that follows the standards and syllabus stipulated by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Zhejiang curriculum framework, but deliver it in a manner that promotes the values and identity of an authentic Wellington education. The school is bilingual at all levels, and is specifically committed to creating an immersive English learning environment that echoes Wellington’s unique holistic approach, allowing students to utilise both languages to their full advantages from an early age. In this way, the school blends the best of British and Chinese pedagogy in all aspects.

Boarding at Huili School Nantong will stand apart from traditional Chinese boarding schools as it embraces the bilingual and global nature and values of the school under one roof. The boarding house will be built very much on the values of the UK boarding experience ensuring the highest standards of pastoral care. Boarding provides an exclusive, unmatched way to prepare young people to face 21st century life as global citizens.