Wellington College International Tianjin

Wellington College International Tianjin opened on 22 August 2011, as our first International school. It was born out of a vision to take the holistic model of education so successfully implemented at Wellington College, to the rest of the world.

Wellington College International Tianjin was our very first International school, opening on 22 August 2011. It was born out of a vision to take the holistic model of education so successfully implemented at Wellington College to the rest of the world. WCI Tianjin absolutely embodies the values and ethos, and the drive for all-around excellence that is synonymous with Wellington, but it is also a unique school responding to, and embedded within the local culture of Tianjin.

Wellington College International Tianjin is situated in the heart of the thriving city of 15 million people, a half hour by bullet train from Beijing. It is an oasis of calm as you walk through the gates, with beautiful landscaping, a running track and playing fields. With a state-of-the-art theatre, and indoor swimming pool among many other things, it has facilities to match the best international schools in the world.


Tianjin is a 3-18, fully co-educational school that sets the highest expectations both inside and outside of the classroom. It offers a wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities, right from the bilingual nursery to its thriving sixth form. Pupils sit IGCSEs and A levels, and go on to study at some of the world’s leading universities. The heritage and traditions of Wellington College are very present and real at Tianjin, valued and encouraged by pupils, staff and parents who drive genuine connection through joint projects, exchanges and summer schools. This is further developed through a number of Wellington College staff who have moved to Tianjin to work in the school, and supported directly by Wellington College International in the UK.

A strong sense of community and pastoral care is provided through a parallel house system, and the many events and shows put on through the year. The school also runs the well-being programme that was developed at Wellington College. It has been ranked as the top international school in Tianjin for each of the last five years.

To discover more, please visit the Wellington College International Tianjin website.