Wellington College China: Renovations and New Additions!

In the new academic year, several Wellington College China schools have taken on a new look. As the number of pupils continues to grow, the schools continue to expand, providing children with more spaces to learn, grow and thrive.

Construction on Huili School Shanghai’s new south building was completed. This new addition brings to the campus more dedicated class space for a growing school community. Moreover, with high-quality facilities such as our grand theatre and sports hall, there will be even more opportunities to enrich our pupils.

Likewise Wellington College International Hangzhou’s new building has been completed and is being put to good use. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including science laboratories, ICT classroom, a Performing Arts Department featuring a dance studio and practice rooms, a sports hall, tennis and basketball courts, an enviable atrium for multi-purpose use and a V&A Cafe.

Setting sail for the future

As Wellington College China’s largest boarding school, Huili School Nantong will offer 15 years of consecutive education from Kindergarten to High School. On 25 September, Huili School Nantong opened its founding office, and held special opening events for partners and prospective parents. This is a sure sign that Huili Nantong is ready to set sail for the future.

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