Wellington College International Tianjin: A Decade of Education

Over the past 10 years, Wellington College International Tianjin has made extraordinary achievements. Our pupils who sat A-Level exams broke records with their achievements. 50% earned A* grades, the highest grade possible. Our 2021 leavers were able to receive a host of offers from some of the top universities from around the globe, including: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Peking University and University of Hong Kong.

Ms Joy Qiao, Founder and Chairman of Wellington College China, said,

“I think education is like growing a garden. Every child is a seed. You offer them sunshine, rain, and a suitable temperature. They will grow into the kinds of flowers they truly are. We educate not just to prepare children for success. We want our pupils to become bridges linking different cultures and languages, promoting cross-cultural communication and understanding and making the world a peaceful place.”

“Over the past decade, we have grown into a full-fledged international school where Eastern and Western cultures meet and mingle,” said Julian Jeffrey, Executive Master of Wellington College International Tianjin. “It is our responsibility to make students better citizens in the future who are able to shoulder more responsibilities. This is the value we adhere to in our integration into the local community.”


Two landmarks for the 10th anniversary, the refurbishment of the Early Years building and new outdoor learning zone, and the rededication of the library as the Founder’s Library, were both statements of intent about the commitment to learning at Wellington. They represent not only a major investment in the future of our facilities but crucially, to the outstanding education of our pupils.

Founder’s Library dedication ceremony


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